KIVU’s technology is scalable for any amount of data and for any type of data.


Understand and map your data 200x faster. Make decisions 10x faster for actionable intelligence.


Immediate portrayal of any data as a network, enabling exploration for vital information.


Strategic Network Analysis To Accelerate Your Business

High Performance Network Analysis

Create new and explore existing networks; understand and interact with your networks.

The KIVU Platform

Our infrastructure for automatically collecting, collating and considering any type of data.

User interface – GUI

Our radically simple customer interface enables fast, straightforward data interaction.

For Any Data Problem

Technology so smart, it can be deployed today and adapted for data problem in any domain.

Simple Data Integration

Easy to use REST interfaces and interchangeability with existing legacy databases. Pull in existing data – export results in known interfaces and formats.

Automated Alerts

Automatic discovery of new connections in your networks, enabling interrogation of multiple data sources simultaneously.


The KIVU Platform is purpose-built to handle vast networks at blazing speed, saving customers valuable time and resources in finding the answers hidden in their data networks. We enable customers to see connections they were not aware of.

Targeted Marketing

KIVU’s intelligent software identifies and monitors your influencers and their networks in real-time, automatically alerting you to behavioural changes, new connections and network information.

Security Analysis

Our network infrastructure can automatically ingest any data source, enabling users to identify and observe targets, monitor behavioural changes & influence networks instantly.

Due Diligence

KIVU’s capable technology enables behaviour analysis of different data sources and network monitoring for fraud detection and KYC analysis on your data.

The Maze movie

Learn more about how KIVU contributes to global security. Our applied case study was featured in ‘The Maze’ documentary by Friedrich Moser.

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