Fusion Approach

The foundations of the innovative KIVU platform stem from our multidisciplinary concept, and has the flexibility to ingest any type and any volume of data, including existing and legacy data, and structured and unstructured data.


High Performance

Graph technology enables KIVU’s analysis suite to offer peak performance for the connected world. Kivu’s intelligent software collects, manages and digests data in real-time.


The KIVU Platform is supremely fast & efficient, aiding exploration of data networks.


Baked-in complex algorithms for network analysis running in real-time.

Any Data Source

Ingest any data source and empower investigation by topic, timeline & entity.

Data Layering

The ability to easily aggregate and analyse multiple data sources simultaneously.

The KIVU solution is


Times Faster When Processing PageRank


Times Faster in Loading Graph Data


Times Faster Updating Graph Data
Compared to Apache Giraph
Save Time

Analysis Automation

The KIVU Platform can automate the collection of connected data, saving time and resources, bringing real-time results to accelerate your business.

Automated Behaviour Tracking

Our intelligent software automatically alerts you to behavioural changes in massive networks.

Automated Data Collection

Our powerful data platform enables the automatic, painless data acquisition of any source.

Automated Discovery

Automatically discover new connections in your data, with vital ability to integrate multiple data sources.

View From Above

Geospatial Analysis

Our data suite allows you to view data and make decisions based on geographical data representation. Take a look at your data from above.

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