KIVU’s supreme network analysis platform

The KIVU Platform has been purpose-built to handle vast networks at lightning speed. We understand time is mission-critical and we enable analysts to find the needle in their haystacks faster.

KIVU currently offers two products

The Kivu Hosted Solution
Browser-based application sitting on the powerful Kivu K2 Platform
Always up-to-date with latest algorithms, including Kivu’s empirical machine learning
Subscription to Kivu’s curated data packages
No need to purchase infrastructure to maintain systems
No more drowning in open-source data collection
Gain 100x speed increase for real-time data analysis
Access to Kivu’s highly skilled investigative practitioners
The Kivu Onsite Solution
Your own data on your own infrastructure
Baked-in algorithms for painless analysis
Fast and smooth data integration
Customisable user interface to match your needs
Easy to integrate APIs
Optional curated open-source data packages available
Gain 100x speed increase for real-time analysis on your own data – no more waiting around for analysis, no expensive hardware

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