At Kivu, a hot Vienna start-up that just got a major investment, we’re looking for a senior server-side programmer, to assist our Chief Engineer.

We deal with networks aka the mathematical structures known as graphs, and have written our own graph/network processing back-end, one that runs at amazing speeds.

Ideally, you could start on Oct. 1, 2017, or otherwise as soon as possible after that date.

The position entails:

  • Working your way up to the position of “right hand of the Chief Engineer”,being able to stand in for him on occasion;
  • Co-responsiblity for features, source code and road map of the graph/network-processing back-end;
  • Code reviews of your colleagues’ work;
  • Frequently: independent design of new features, test campaigns, pilot programme / prototype implementations etc.;
  • Frequent communications with all the members of a highly driven, skilled 10+ member team;
  • Knowledge and experience transfer to junior programmer colleagues;
  • Occasional travel in Europe and the Middle East, for up to 25% of your time (we’ll do our best for you to always be home during the weekends).

To work on it, you’ll need to bring the following:

  • Deep knowledge of Java and the Java Development Kit (JDK), up to and including version 8;
  • Considerable knowledge of at least one other modern programming languageC++Haskell, etc.;
  • Great familiarity with object-oriented development and design techniques, such as design patterns, inheritance, enums, abstract vs concrete, programming for interfaces, etc.;
  • Not afraid to deal with the more sophisticated things we do in our server-side software: off-heap programming in Javalambda serialization, bytecode instrumentation;
  • You actually like applied math and are not afraid of: graph theory, set theory, abstract algebra/group theory;
  • Familiarity with more than the basics of algorithmics: big-Oh notation, big-Theta notation, parallelization, amortized running costs;
  • Good spoken and written English (a MUST), we speak English all day long;
  • Friendly, outgoing personality who can create his/her own place in a small but expanding team;
  • Ideally, you live in or around Vienna; if you don’t, you agree to talk with us about relocating to Vienna or its surroundings;
  • A Masters or Engineering (“Diplomingenieur”) degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, or one of the Engineering disciplines, obtained from a European or North American university / engineering school.

What we offer:

  • A highly challenging job that could be the dream of any experienced software engineer;
  • Over time, a position of serious responsibility within the company;
  • Direct societal relevance of your work, that actually saves lives (yes, we’re serious about that);
  • Competitive, market-conform salary;
  • An environment that welcomes diversity.

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