Features Designed
for the Future

Network analysis simplified to speed up your workflow.

OSINT Crawling
Multiple Sources

Finding something specific online is easy with the search functionality of our product. If the data is found, it can be crawled in and displayed on your network.

Storage & Analysis
Databases and Networks

A highly flexible and adaptive graph database.Technology so smart, it can be deployed today and adapted for any data problem in any domain.

Accesible UI

Our radically simple user interface enables fast data interaction. Styling and Layout options help the analyst gain deeper insights and highlight different results.

Data Integration
Importing and Topology

Any networked data can be imported via our REST interface.

Team Work

Collaboration is key in a real-world working environment. With our tool, users can work together on the same project and share insights in real-time.

Geo View
More Than A Map

Take a look at your data from above and analyze it spatially. No matter if you are working with call detail records or social media data, making use of location information can be crucial.

Temporal Analysis

The Timeline feature is intended to help analysts observe the temporal development within a network and make targeted deductions.

High Performance
Faster, Better and Stronger

Our highly performant KIVU Platform facilitates fast decision making and results in actionable intelligence. Up to 160,000 network entities can be visualised simultaneously, while our algorithms process millions of records in real-time speed.

Continuous Calculation

Our platform provides Social Network Analysis algorithms at your fingertips. Those algorithms have been optimized by our engineers and mathematicians to provide expedient and correct results on any kind of network: directed, undirected, bi-directional and mixed.

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