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HOW do you make your KYC process quick, safe and efficient?

To enable the KYC process in your company, a big amount of data has to be provided safely and quickly.
  • Scan media for possible risks in the client and shareholder structure (Adverse Media)
  • Identify ownership structures and determine the UBO
  • Establish cross-references to shareholders and/or companies with sanction lists

KYC - a “must have” in the business world of tomorrow. But WHY?

In many sectors, Know Your Customer (KYC) is one of the standard methods of risk management:
  • To identify and verify the profiles of clients, investors, suppliers and others
  • To reduce risky activities
  • To ensure the adherence of valid sanctions

WHAT does the newly developed tool of KIVU offer to simplify your work?

Athena, our KYC & Risk Intelligence Tool offers:

  • The recording and display of the found data
  • The configuration and adaptation of this data according to local and international, regulatory and business requirements
  • Usage of different data providers like Kompany, OpenCorporates or ComplyAdvantage


5 analyses/month

  • € 50/month
    Kompany & OpenCorporates
  • € 30/month
    North Data
  • € 50/month


25 analyses/month

  • € 200/month
    Kompany & OpenCorporates
  • € 60/month
    North Data
  • € 100/month



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