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Law Enforcement

Whether you are mapping out evidence and suspects in a criminal investigation or analysing whole criminal organizations, KIVU’s platform will help you in finding connections between people and cases, identify leadership and command structures and build your findings into solid cases. From call detail records, to email traffic, to data from offline sources, you can combine all of your data in one network and even add social media information via our built-in crawlers.


No matter if you are tasked with countering online radicalization or if you are investigating the structure of a terrorist cell, network analysis will be a crucial part of your analysis. It allows you to identify propaganda hubs on social media, to find middlemen connecting terrorist cells with each other, detect suspicious communication patterns in intercepted calls and find accomplices of suspects and convicts. Most importantly, you won’t drown in data anymore, KIVU helps you shrink the haystack and focus on what’s really relevant.

Know Your Customer

Know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) regulations require businesses to perform thorough due diligence. This includes gaining a complete understanding of the often complex company structures of a customer or partner organization in order to minimize your own risk. Via the Kompany API, KIVU offers a variety of information from commercial registries in over 200 jurisdictions. You can map out company networks, analyse shareholder and management structures, check for politically exposed persons (PEP), do a sanctions screening and much more.

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